Friday, June 25, 2010

Swim FAN!

Ohhh emmmM Geee!, my boy is getting in the pool! 


You don't know how exciting this is for us.  JD, from the day I gave him his first bath -up until very recently, he has HATED water!  He would cry the whole time I gave him baths when he was a baby. 

He started slowly enjoying baths when he found out he could play in the water and it wouldn't hurt him.  Though the water splashing him in his face would bother him a bit, he started to take longer baths and laying down in the water in the tub.

So then we moved into a place that had a pool...
He would not even want to go in the gate to look at the water at first, but gradually-like with the baths-warmed up to the idea of throwing one of his toys in the pool for me or his dad to retrieve.  Then there was the toe in the water...sitting on the step outside of the water with the feet in...mamma convincing him to come and sit with me on the first step...then last year, he got so comfortable that he got all the way into the water up to his neck!  I was so proud of him then.  This year we have moved to a place with a bigger pool with (gasp!) more kids for JD to play with.  He was so excited to see some of his classmates swimming in the pool! 
I got him a floatie, some goggles and a squirty toy.

Having some familiar children for him to play with in the pool has really helped him come out of his shell and forget about the water splashing him in his face!!  He would cry for a towel and wipe his face whenever he got his face wet.  Now look at him!  He asks me every day to go to the pool.  His Dad & I have started to teach him how to hold his breath under water.  He's coming along and I couldn't be happier for him.  Overcoming fears is a huge step in growing up and my son is growing up so fast!  Have fun this 4th of July & be safe!  You know where we'll be!


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