Friday, June 25, 2010

Smelly goods for free!

My guys bought me a fragrance for a Mother's Day / Birthday gift and I love it! My birthday always falls very close to Mother's Day so I get a combo present. :)

Thierry Mugler-Innocent

There was a code on the inside of the box and a website, so I checked it out and signed up for this “virtual perfume bottle.” I have an account so when I am blessed enough to purchase another fragrance from Thierry Mugler (I want to try "Innocent Rock" that just came out)it will add to the amount in the virtual bottle. Yay! This weekend I was sent a good sized sample of Innocent - "delicate body milk" which I thought was a generous amount (0.35 oz.)

It smells heavenly. Almost like baby powder, patchouli, sandalwood, and some kind of floral. The fragrance lasts very long on me and now that I have the body milk to add to the layer of fragrance-it lasts all day long! Mind you, I have had this perfume since May and I still love it! (I tire of fragrances quickly, especially those body sprays from bath & body works, etc.) Honestly, I have never purchased a fragrance that sent me a free sample though the mail! Though now after using both, I want the lotion too...and a new bottle of the perfume!

Next fragrance in line (boy, I have to save up for this...maybe I can have for Christmas?)...

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist gift set... $80. 


  1. Awesome! Randy wears one of the Mugler colognes and it smells sooo good! It's bright green, whichever that one is.

  2. Randy has always had good taste in colognes. I've sampled a few of the other women's fragrances, but Innocent is my favorite. I'll have to check the men's colognes out and return the favor to my guys-so they can smelly good too!


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