Friday, May 21, 2010

I Love Lumpia!

I have the need to make Lumpia. Though I need to find a place close by that sell rice papers. I found some recipies for Chocolate Banana Lumpia and I have to attempt making these for the satisfaction of a craving. Just don't know what to dip them in.


  1. Oh now I'M craving lumpia! I can tell you where to find the rice papers, the seet chili sauce and all!! As for your Chocolate Banana Lumpia...Gosh. All things good with chocolate and banana:

    1. Melted Marshmallow! (The jet puffed stuff in a jar)
    2. Strawberry or Cherry sauce.
    3. Cream cheese fruit dip? (I gotta think that one out one a bit...)
    4. Powdered Sugar.
    Just to name a few. :P


  2. Mmmm lumpia!! I'm craving it now too.


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